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Welcome to Oakdale Borough

Please feel free to check out our wonderful new site!

New Site

Welcome to the all new revised site of Oakdale Borough. This project was crafted by Flavor3Studios. In this site, you will find that the content is easier to find than the previous site as well as the graphics have been totally re-designed (what design in the first place?). To visit the old site and compare [...]

New Photo Gallery

I currently added a new gallery plug-in for this site to help show off our great pics! Here is some more information: Polaroid Gallery is a free, opensource flash gallery developed by myself, Christopher Einarsrud, in the year of 2006. I was originally going to use this for my online portfolio, but I ended up [...]

New Blog feature

You can have as many blogs as you want! You’re only limited by your imagination. You can have group blogs with multiple authors who are allowed to post or contribute. This is great for topic blogs for things like books or politics, or just a blog for you and your friends in one place. You [...]