Getting Back in Shape

Today is February 15th, 2016. I honestly can say, I haven’t been keeping up with my exercise┬áregimen. As we all fall into this position, the big holidays at the end of 2015 have been keeping me distracted as well as being busier than I would have liked in my spare time.

Since I have lost my initial 65lbs, I did gain about 10 of it back. Most folks that I have talked to, said that this is normal because I also lost a bunch of water weight so you do gain that back to maintain a healthy body. With that being said, I feel like I haven’t made any additional progress and for that, I feel ashamed.

There has been a few days where I would get in a decent workout but nothing has been consistent. I am very good with drinking water, but as of late, I find myself reaching for a soda instead. I need to cut this habit because it’s just a waste of dead calories that enter your system. Also, not to mention, there are dozens of terrible ingredients in sodas that are harmful to your body and we drink it every time we sip on a soda.

Now that life has slowed back down, I’m going to start up with my exercising, and try to stay on track for the long term. The biggest struggle will be the motivation. I’ve been battling a head / sinus cold for the last 2 weeks. Usually when I get a cold, my energy levels are very low. I try to maintain myself by eating fruits, and veggies as well as taking my OTC (over the counter) meds. I told myself that I would continue exercising when the cold passes but I know it’s a poor excuse to delay myself even further. Also, not to mention, head colds can last weeks / months for me so that would be way too long for me to sit idle.

I will push myself this week and try to work out at least 3 times this week for a minimum of an hour. It may not be as much as most folks that exercise routinely, but it’s a good start and it will keep me in the right path. I will also have a goal to drink 32+ oz of water a day regardless of exercise. This should be easily done since I have no problem drinking water. I will need to work on getting off the sugar addiction again, but if I can stop drinking energy drinks completely, then this should be easy.

Wish me luck!

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