Life’s New Journey

Life sure does have a wild trip in store for me. After being in an 8 year relationship (being married 3 of those years), I am now flying solo. It’s been very hard to get into the swing of things as well as being a part time parent to two amazing kids. For a while, I wasn’t seeing them as much as I would have liked but it was out of my control.

Now after many months, life is going to start to slow down, and will turn into a more stable situation. Though I’m destined to find my soulmate, I feel I don’t have time to even try looking. Work has been very strenoughous over the past year and now being a single parent, when do I have time? On days I don’t have my kids, I have to play catch up on the chores that I have neglected on busier days.

I have started looking for ways to make life easier, life hacks for those that know the term. I use cloth bins for many things, such as the kids toys, cups, clothes, etc.. I automated their bedroom so I can control their TV from my computer. I can choose what they want to watch, how long they are allowed to watch, and the content that they watch. Other things, are more routine based, but in a fashion that I do many things at once to prepare for the night / morning. This allows me to have plenty of time getting them ready in the morning before taking them to daycare (preschool).

Although none of this has been easy, I seem to be able to hold my own and handle everything that has been thrown my way. With lots of bill cutting, saving, and selling things (on eBay), I have been able to do what I thought would be impossible. I’ve learned to let the little things go and not be so fixated on minor problems. I have grown emotionally, as well as mentally. Also, during this transition, I managed to drop 65lbs which seems unbelievable. Though I can’t say it was done using the right methods (diet, exercise, etc..), I am glad the weight is off. It’s amazing what stress and depression can do to one’s body. Now that I am more mentally healthy, I have to continue working on losing weight, but by doing it the old fashion way.

As I’m wrapping up this post, I want to say thank you for those that read it. I haven’t been a good web blogger but I hope to use this medium to continue to grow within myself. This is a great way to speak my mind and share it with the world and those that may care. I thank you all and I hope to continue this blogging on a more routine basis. Take care all!

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