Oakdale Borough


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(NOTE: The Design was not mine in this project, Only the code and functionality)

This project was both a class assignment and for a client who runs the Oakdale Borough. This was a three person project that Involved a project manager, a designer, and a developer (myself). We had to make the site easy to update for people that do not know much about websites and provide various features to attract people to visit the site. We decided to use a content management system known as WordPress to provide a easy to use experience for users to update the site. I had to code a theme for WordPress that would be functional to the content management system. It was quite a challenge since no one else in my school made one and my teacher had some knowledge of the subject. Through hours of trial and error and plenty of reading from various books I bought. I was able to make the site within the time we were given and I added features like: mobile blogging, updated news and weather feed, and everyday blogging. In the end, we had some bugs to work out but the client and our teacher was impressed with the results.

Project Materials:

  • Macbook Pro
  • Imac
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator Cs4
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Cs4
  • Notepad ++
  • Photos taken from the Oakdale Pa
  • Stock photos from Google
  • Photos taken from Pittsburgh Technical Institute
  • Various books bought and referenced

Estimated Labor:

About 40 – 80 Hours

End Result:

” This project was the hardest project to date since I was the only student in my school that was making a WordPress theme. Even my teacher did not have much experience making one so I really had to learn for myself. I think it could be better, though for a first attempt, I am happy with the results and so was our client.  “