Computer Repair 4/12/11

This computer is a Dell Inspiron 531 with Windows Vista. The problem with the computer was the client was trying to do a system restore and it kept failing and with repeated attempts, she gave me the machine to check it out.

I started up the machine and I was unable to get it to boot to windows and the restore points were all failing so I decided to back it up then go with a full system restore. Once the machine was reinstalled with a fresh copy of everything, I began having startup and display problems. I later discovered the video card was a big issue and with that removed, I was able to regulate the video. I still continued to have boot issues and random freezing so the next thing I did was I removed the CMOS battery and RAM and then let everything clear. I put them back in and it fixed the boot up errors but yet still the system kept freezing. I then realized that Windows Vista was very unstable during the first few months and that they had patched it several times to make it more stable. So during the next few hours, I would Install updates to help my situation. After about 90+ updates, the machine was running great! I then installed some freeware onto the machine to add some features and finally I restored her data. I will be giving the computer back to the client tomorrow and I hope she will be happy with the results!